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We are Peggy and Jessica, a mother daughter team who both share a love and passion for design. We find worn and torn furniture and re-design these pieces by using bold, bright and funky colors in our fabrics and paints. Each piece is hand painted and one-of-a-kind. Our re-design is not limited to any particular era. Some of our favorite furniture periods are Victorian, vintage, mid-century modern and Danish modern. 

A NOTE FROM PEGGY– I grew up in New Orleans and often in our family I would hear my mom or my aunts say,“ this one’s for Lagniappe (LAN-YOP)!

Lagniappe is a common Louisiana word which means EXTRA. 
As a child I thought Lagniappe was maybe an invisible person. (funny)  Now I know it means an extra one.  
You know, ”just because”.  
Everyone enjoys an unexpected gift! We are happy to announce that each piece of furniture we create will be accompanied by a beautiful handmade pillow designed by Peggy and Jessica; made especially to complement your piece. It will be your something extra. YOUR LAGNIAPPE…
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